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Photo of the Day: Bring Out Your Dead

I’ve been super busy for the past few days and ended up missing a few posts- oops! Anyway, I’m back now with another photo of the day.

Bring Out Your Dead

This is not what I consider one of my best photos, not by a long shot- but the subject is interesting enough that I thought I’d share it anyway.

During my second visit to this abandoned hospital I made a point to try and locate the morgue. I headed down the stairs to the basement and the darkness soon started to envelop me. With each step down I took it got darker and darker. I strapped on my headlamp and lit up my brightest LED flashlight and they still seemed to barely pierce the darkness. Once I hit basement level I searched for the morgue. And... it wasn’t there.

I headed back to the stairs and proceeded to continue downward. The air started getting thick with moisture and a heavy dew coated every surface. I finally reached the bottom of the steps and entered the sub-basement level. Being this deep in an abandoned building really is something else. Despite 80-plus degree temps outside I could see my breath as I walked the halls. And it was wet. Ceilings, walls, handrails, floors, all coated with water. Some of it was roof leakage making its way down I’m sure, but a lot of it was just condensation from the extremely cold and clammy conditions. Some rooms even had fog hovering by the floor. Definitely a creepy sight.


Searching down one of the drier hallways I finally found the morgue. The drawers had been rifled through but everything was still there, even tissue samples in microscope slides still organized in their racks. Since there was absolutely zero light in this room I composed this photo with a long exposure plus light painting with my flashlight.

I came back and checked out the hospital again a year later. The vandalism and scrapper damage was mind-boggling. When I peeked in the morgue, the stainless steel autopsy table and freezer were gone. Getting them out of there must’ve been quite a challenge.

  • Camera: Pentax K20D
  • Lens: Sigma 10-20mm
  • Focal Length: 10mm
  • F-stop: f/5.6
  • Exposure Time: 20 seconds

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