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Photo of the Day: Arrival Point

It’s Friday! That means it’s a weekday and time for another Photo of the Day.

Arrival Point

Hiding in the woods outside of a small town are dozens of abandoned streetcars. They were retired from their fleets in Pittsburgh, Boston, Cleveland, and Philadelphia in the 1970’s and 80’s and were brought here in the early 1990’s. Their owner had planned to run a streetcar restoration business but it never really got too far off the ground, so here they sit over 20 years later. It’s such a surreal sight, seeing these rusting hulks with the trees growing around them.

This roll of film was a special one. During my first visit to this place it fell out of my camera bag as I was changing rolls. I went back two weeks later and retraced my steps. To my amazement I found it, still sealed in its canister and untouched by the thunderstorms we’d had the week before. Luck was on my side this time. Since then I’ve taken to putting my film in a more secure place.

  • Camera: Pentax K1000SE
  • Lens: Tokina 19-35mm
  • Film: Kodak Portra 400

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