Two weeks ago, you were given the mission of taking a photo of whatever you like, and a week ago, you were asked to take a picture of something high tech. Here's everyone's submissions, starting with the your choice submissions:


"My cat Toby watching me eat nachos. He wants some even though cheese gives him the poops."

SmoresTM (O==[][]==O):

"Not much to say about this one. I was walking out of the subway when this caught my eye. it was taken with my phone, actually, so nothing to report as far as settings go. Just a church peaking through an alley. I didn't edit it much. Just whatever VSCO Cam let me do in the span of 5 minutes."


"This one was taken in another alleyway that had a colored glass enclosing between the two buildings. The writing pictured is all one color with a secondary color for the border, but the light shining through the glass makes it appear much more colorful than it is. The entire wall is covered with cool graffiti of all types of styles, including a number in black in white that only look colorful because of the glass. This picture is also mostly unedited, and the colors are actually that vibrant in real life."


"I didn't really get to take new pictures this week, so they are all from kast week, two you will have already seen. As usual, the camera is a Fuji X-A1, first picture taken using the XC16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 lens, and the other two using the XF35mm f/1.4 lens."


"Taken at 16mm, ISO200, f/16.0 and 1/400 on Waiheke Island, New Zealand 3rd most populated island after the North and South ones. This is roughly a 30min ferry ride from downtown Auckland, and the landscape are gorgeous, wonderful beaches as well as a lot of wineyards. This one I posted here last week. It was edited in lighroom to apply one of Fuji's colour profile (Astia/Soft on this one I believe), a mask was made on everything but the sky to bring it out by adjusting exposition, contrast and highlights, shadows, ..."

"This you have also seen. Taken at 35mm, ISO 2500, f/1.4 and 1/100 at Auckland's North Warf during the arrival of the winner of the 4th leg of the Volvo Ocean Race, the MAPFRE team. Only thing I done to this one was to apply Fujifilm Provia colour profile."


"Taken at 35mm, ISO3200, f/1.4 and 1/125 during the fireworks at Auckland's Lantern Festival on Sunday 1st. Same treatment as the previous picture for this one, and it was cropped to cut some nasty building on the side."

BATC42 has some more entries here.

I'll take 911 RS for $5000:

"Two from this week, both with a Konica AR 40/1.8. God only knows what aperture."



"I shot this photo a while ago for the small things mission but I didn't publish it. Taken with Nokia Lumia 1020 at f/2.2, 1/15 sec, ISO 640."



"This is my girlfriend's cat, Muffin. I recently got a Nikon FM2N (a film slr) and some black & white film, so I decided to try shooting in black and white with my digital camera to get an idea of how colors translate to a greyscale. This was shot with my Canon Rebel T2i at 200 iso with my canon ef 50mm/1.4 at shutter 1/125 aperture f1.4. Very shallow depth of field focused on the eyes so the fur would blend into the dark background. Monochromatic picture style."


"We took a trip to Tampa to see AFP and Neil Gaiman for Valentine's day. The theater is one of the most gorgeous I've ever seen, and this was the line at will call. I really loved the classic signage and lights. This is also with the Rebel t2i and 50mm lens. It's at a very high iso for this camera, 6400, so there's a substantial amount of noise. But I don't mind as much now that I'm working with film. Shutter 1/800 at f2.8 for sharpness and depth of field."


"Chief Logan 2.0 by mcseanerson on 500px

This is one I've posted on here before and this is the final version of it where I think the color is just about right. This is a park not far from my work that I shot during lunch one day.

This was shot on my T2i with my 24mm F2.8 Nikon lens and iso 100 @1/250 of a second. I really need to note what aperture I use when I'm using these manual lenses."


"At Rest by mcseanerson on 500px

This is one I'm really happy with because I took it at a relatively high ISO, for my T2i anyways, and I was pleasantly surprised with how well it cleaned up.

This was taken with my T2i at 3200 iso with my Canon 50mm/1.8 @1.8 and 1/50 shutter speed."



"This is an edit of a photo I took while we were ice road driving. Came out pretty good considering we were cruising along at at least 50 km/h. I used the auto-level feature in Paint.Net in order to see what it suggested, then made it a little brighter and reduced the noise. Original photo was taken with my D70s with the 18-70 mm lens, an f-stop of f/14, and an exposure time of 1/2000th of a second."


"Took this one yesterday. It's of the smokestack on the University of Ottawa campus, which I affectionately call the Eye of Sauron, since it stands out over the landscape and is always ominously releasing steam/smoke. Slightly edited, taken with my D70s and the 18-70mm lens. Also slightly edited it to give it some more blue (studies show that people like blue)."

And now, for the high tech entries.


"Ford GT, Chicago Auto Show. Taken with a Sony DSC-W5 in automatic."

TheHondaMan (@WWaveform):

"Bam. As it turned out, I had this photo of a high-tech thing on my computer., taken with my old iPotato.

I was driving my RCs around an area behind my old house. The object is a hobby-grade RC car. 30 years ago, this would have been ground-breaking in the RC world."


Stephen the Canuck:

"I went with a picture of my phone. It's a Samsung Galaxy S4. So far I really like it (got it just after Christmas). It's pretty darn fancy. I remember my first phone being some ridiculously tough flip phone. Those were the days."



"I submit HAL my dash cam. I believe this one was done on auto(but manual focus) with a +4 macro filter."



"My desktop and my headphones. Shot on my T2i ISO 1600 F/2.8 1/80 second shutter speed using my Nikon 24mm F/2.8 lens."


"My audio equipment scattered on my desk. Shot on my T2i ISO 800 F/2.8 1/100 second shutter speed using my Nikon 24mm lens.

I adjusted the white balance and did a little noise reduction and played with the highlights and shadows a bit on both and cropped the audio equipment in lightroom."


Thanks for all the submissions, everyone! Looking forward to the entries for this week's challenge.