Last week, you were tasked with taking a photo of something water-related. We had an absolutely massive turnout and a whole lot of excellent photos (roughly 43, to be exact). Sit down, this might take a while to get through.


“These were taken from my trip to Italy, the photos of which I’m still sorting out. The first is from me waking up at 5:30AM to catch the sunrise on the last day we were there.”

“This one was when I was taking the car ferry from one side of the lake to other and found a Honda Goldwing sitting at the front of the ferry. Amazing bike.”


“I’ve got a couple from a recent trip...taken with a Sony RX100M2.

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. We decided that day to take a sunset boat tour of the lake. The lighting was beautiful already, but then this big blue sail just coasts by, right in front of these awesome trees, and with the mountains in the back. I may have had the camera in auto mode, but it was ISO 160, f5.6, 1/500.”


“I wanted to play with the framing and the colors a bit, so here’s me just messing around in photoshop. Better or worse than original?”

“Now we’re on the French coast, near Cap D’Ail. Pretty simple subject but there’s just so much going on in terms of color. ISO 160, f5.6, 1/320 (auto again...because of wine reasons).”



“I apologize for the poor quality, but I thought these were pretty neat so I’ll share anyways. I promise I’m eventually going to get a quality camera.

White sands at the beach. Kodiak, AK. That’s my son throwing rocks.”

“The Fishing Fleet at the Cannery. Larsen Bay, AK.”

More Alaska photos can be found here!

Super Karate Monkey Death Car

“These are a few from when I lived in the Caymans. “


Another two shots from the Caymans (where we all wish we lived) can be found here.


“Technically clouds are filled with water and this was a strong storm front moving into the area this morning. Taken with my galaxy potato S5”



“This one isn’t that great because it’s a phone camera, but I like the scene. Washago, ON (same place I snapped the trains in my last post).”


“Washago again. Nikon D5100, ISO 400, Focal Length 66mm, f/4.2, 1/1250 sec. exposure time.”


“I call this “monkey in bathtub” :-)“

Henry Teverow

“Here’s one I took this around this time last year. It’s at a pristine, deserted beach on an island a short boat ride away from me that’s 70% national park. The photo brings back memories of a spectacular afternoon on the rocky Maine coastline.”



“This is the view from our balcony in Vancouver, BC. I have a folder full of hundreds of these, because I never get tired of the sunsets we get here. It was taken with my Samsung S4 phone camera, and I didn’t use a filter or post-production effects. ”



These are mostly taken at my cottage on a northern Ontario lake on the Canadian Shield, with a small digital camera. I should add that I am completely untrained, and I take photos as memory aids, not for any aesthetic purposes.

The first one may be disorienting; the shoreline is at the top of the pic. The bulk of the image is reflection.


“The second one shows early morning mist rising off the lake. That’s the fuzziness along the shoreline.”

More cottage photos are here.


“bummer, I just got back from lots of water.”


“Iphonecetarine 4s ”

My citroen won’t start

“I’m bored and at the beach, and there is a lot of water around, it is also winter.”


Annie from the Grog Booth

“Iphone6+ at Disneyland last Thursday. The Storybrook ride, which is a children’s ride in Fantasyland. Except I love it because I feel it encapsulates what Disneyland is all about. It’s especially quaint and perfect at night when everything is lit up. ”





““Out of Water”

Fishes live in water, no? That’s a colourful parrot fish. Took this picture while at the market in Nouméa. Shot with the XF35 Fujinon lens.”



“I have one that is really similar to yours. I’m going to share it because it is one of my favs. It’s not super new, took it in San Fransisco about a year ago, close to sunset.

Post process in lightroom.”


“a bit of winter weather in Coromandel ”


“taken 2 days ago (7/16/15)”


“I’ve got a couple with water...”



“f/11, ISO 64, Shutter 1/91, Vineyard Haven Harbor ”

“f/5.6, ISO 64, Shutter 1/315, State Beach in Oak Bluffs, Ma.”



“Both taken with a Sony Z2 phone. One is a post surf shot, the other a Sunday afternoon walk in Yorkshire, UK.”


“The Thames in London.

Looking east towards The City and Greenwich.

I won’t get the chance to take a shot this week due to too many commitments so this is from a while back”


John Bigbooté

“I took this photo with a camera...

Samara Beach, Costa Rica.”

Chick Counterfly

“Morning rain falling from local flora.

Canon 70D, Sigma 50mm F/1.4, 1/125, ISO 100. No post. ”


“Just a random photo shot with Nokia Lumia 1020 at 9pm this weekend.”

Fox(bodymiata), Fantastic Mr.

“The pacific northwest almost makes my ancient iPotato look good!”

“I used to commute on the ferry. Boy did I take a lot of pictures.”

More photos from the Pacific Northwest can be found here.


“Both were taken with an iphone 4.

This first one is of a cup of water. I turned off the lights and set a flash light next to the cup. I then proceeded to flick the side of it until I got a shot with a little ripple action.”


“This was a deluge that greeted me on my way out of work.”


“First one: incoming wave. I love the subtle ribbon of sea foam at the leading edge of the wave. It was a fair weather day with very low surf, but the wind was still whipping the tops of what little waves there were into a pleasant froth.”


“Second one: lifeguard surfboards sitting just above the tide line.

They’re both iPhone shots. Edited in snapseed and Instagram.”

And there you have it! I want to thank everyone for participating this week, and everyone who managed to make it through this. Keep your eyes peeled for the next Weekly Photo Mission!