Last week’s assignment was to share what summer looks like to you. Here’s what y’all came up with:

From BATC42:

Since I’m in the southern hemisphere, this is going to be a hard one. But seeing how I just landed in New Caledonia, I can give you beautiful skyes, sea and sunset. Same thing right? Here are two picture I took, the first after landing, on my way to my friends’ place, on the outskirts of Nouméa. Second one is from today evening, took a long exposure of the sunset from the beach, also in Nouméa.

From our most prolific Photo Mission host, CB:

Nothing says summer to me like boating. It was a pretty serene and quiet day on the lake, too (minus the burble from both engines on our boat). Photo was taken just past the Port of Newcastle, Ontario, with my D70s.


From ODeck visitor, The Homework Ogre:

Summer means getting into the car and exploring corners of the province we’ve never seen before. Shot from the top of Brimstone Head, Fogo Island (NL, Canada), one of the Flat Earth Society’s Four Corners of the Earth and a right pain in the hole to get to


From lovely Groupthink head mod in charge, Sorcia Baron MacNasty:

It’s when we get deer in our yard, just about daily. This beauty I caught towards sundown, just after one of those freak summer rainstorms:


From another lovely GT mod, Fictional Woman:

It’s when I start to see alllllllllll the people invading arguably the worst strip of beach in the South Bay, right in front of the LADWP and the oil refinery. Notice the lovely tar-like sand. Welcome to LA, tourists!


(This was shot on the morning of July 4th)

From Gretchen:

Summer means my outdoor office is open. Much nicer than no AC inside!


From the estimable DrJohannVegas:

This has all my summer things: car dirty from roadtripping, grass clippings, soft afternoon sunshine, and a motorcycle gassed up and ready for a ride.


(Soon after this was taken, I went on a long ride to take more photos, but got distracted by the riding and the scenery. Sorry.)

From my favorite Finn, KAC:

Not that special photo but it combines many things you will see in Finland during summertime. Such as interesting cars (‘49 Buick kustom in this case), nature blooming, road works and people drinking outdoors.


And from myself, FlowerGirlH4v0c:

I lost the memory card that had the abstract photos of fireworks I planned on including for this mission. *Sigh* But I guess I can include something else that is a sign of summer: the release of endangered sea turtle hatchlings. :)


They’re tiny, and they’re extremely early risers. It took a couple of tries, but I finally made it to a release. It’s probably one of the coolest things I’ve had a chance to cover in a while, and it was definitely worth the pre-dawn wake-up call. :-)

Shot with a Canon 50D, and some sort of Rebel (I think? I forget the second camera), and a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens. Even though I wasn’t too terribly far away, a 300mm f/2.8 lens would have worked better.


From mXxxxXm24, who I’ve taken to giving homework assignments to:

Taken with my iPhone 6 Plus on manual shoot mode. Cropped and lightly edited to achieve a medium contrast black and white look. I was washing my car the other day and noticed these flowers had all retracted to create a great summer scene, enjoy!


And finally, from Mr. Agrajag, who included a musical bonus:

When I think of summer I think of two things.

One, is driving around in the middle of the night for no reason. A cool evening, great music playing through shitty speakers, and a deserted windy road. It doesn’t get much better. Ideal vehicle is an old truck, with a bench seat and one functional speaker.


Taken with my Sony Action Cam.

The other is poison ivy. I hate it. I hate being allergic to it. I hate getting a rash from it every goddamn summer. (itches arm)


1/100, F4.2, iso 200

That’s it for this week, folks! Thank you for all your great submissions, and for sharing a little slice of what the season means to you. (And for our southern hemisphere neighbors, thanks to you, too!). Everyone’s photos were fantastic!


Be sure to scroll down on the main page to see CB’s new prompt for this week’s mission. Happy shooting!