Last week, you were tasked with taking photos of food. Here are everyone’s results!


“I couldn’t think of anything to do for this one until I was abandoned at the grocery store for a half hour with only my Nexus 5 to keep me company. I decided to see how nice of shots I could set up using a camera I’m not that fond of. My wife says my photographers eye is really improving since I’ve been doing these contests with you guys and I’d have to agree. I’ve always understood the technical side but I’ve always struggled with composition. I’m starting to realize that’s something that comes with time and just finding things that you think are aesthetically pleasing. I used to take a ton of photos (still do) but now I find myself thinking more before I hit the shutter button. Thanks guys.

Top image is a panorama and the bottom one is HDR. Both were played with a little in the Google Photos app but I can’t remember exactly what I did. I know whenever I look at produce I want it to pop so I bumped up the lighting and the saturation. The bottom shot is where I focused on the fact this is a small old grocery in a small midwest downtown and I kind of wanted to amplify that feeling so I used a filter that really brought out the blues in the fluorescent bulbs and kind of washed out the photo a bit as a whole.”



“You know shooting food is hard! Especially compared to something like racecars for me. I got nothing with the big camera but something useful with my iPhone. Here is a shot from my dinner, a prime ribeye steak on the cast iron griddle in my newly remodeled kitchen. A (medium)rare treat for me.”



“First entry, taken in December in Malaka, Malaysia during my Christmas holidays.

It’s a curry shrimp laksa with a mango smoothie. It was spicy hot and delicious. Malaysians love their food and so do I.

It was taken with the mobile.”

“Entry two: “Carne de porco à Alentejana”

Pan fried pork bits, that are then slightly cooked with onion garlic and clams. Served with fries. And yes those are actual real fries, someone cut up the potatoes, washed them and deep fried them. None of that industrial processed stuff.

That was lunch, last Friday.

Phone camera picture.”


“I grabbed few apricots and my Lumia 1020 and took few photos with different settings. This one turned out to be the best.”


Stephen the Canuck

“ Well here’s dinner from today. I decided to grill some stuff. I went simp today. Some asparagus and sausages. Of course I had to snag a pic for instagram.

Galaxy S4 with instagram.”


“None of my photos turned out particularly great this week. Here’s a Montreal smoked meat sandwich, which is absolutely delicious. It’s quite literally two slices of rye bread, a smidge of mustard, and a fuckton of meat. Photo taken with my Nikon D70s with the 18-70mm lens.



“I don’t realy want to share the crappy stuff I make here, so, let’s falshback to last August, for mu godfather’s birthday. Back then I only had the camera for a month or so, and the pictures were taken either with the XC16-55mm lens or my old Canon FD 50mm f/1.4.

This is lamb, well was, to be fair. And delicious with that too.”


“And we do love our cheese. First picture is two different kind of Comté, with different maturation. I think one of them was 12 or so month old and the other one was something like 18 or 24 month. Second picture is a Fourme de Montbrison I think. Region wise, the Comté is from the east, and this one specifically was matured near the Swiss border in a fortress built in the late 1800’s. As for the Fourme, it’s made in the centre of France, think around 1h west of Lyon.”



“​Top: Nice Buns

1/15 f8 iso800

Bottom: Pepperoni on a Paper Plate

1/13 f5.3 iso400 with a +2 macro filter”

Excellent work, everyone! Keep an eye open for the next Weekly Photo Mission!