Last week, you were tasked with taking photos of fire. There weren’t many entries, but here’s what was submitted!


“These are from a recent camping trip. First one was taken from the comfort of my chair. The second was uncomfortably close to the fire.

iso 200, f5, 1/800 18mm focal length.

iso 200, f5.6, 1/30 55mm focal length”

Happy Panda

“I’m in Yangon, Myanmar for work this week and this is the only fire I could find. People cooking on the street in the downtown area next to a big bus stop.

Shot using X-Pro1 with the XF18 @ f2.0, 1600 ISO”



“I went camping a few years back and had access to a manual SLR and kinda went nuts trying to get good fire photos.”


“Two years ago at the Macau Grand Prix - I listened to when the F3 cars downshifted, pressed the button and hoped for the best. I got lucky.”


Thanks to everyone who submitted photos! And keep an eye open for this week’s challenge!