Last week, you were tasked with shooting taking pictures of animal life. Let’s have a look at everyone’s submissions, shall we?


“Oh yisss!! I can actually do this one. I’m just going to use old pictures as I don’t really have the time to get out (and it’s always dark when I’m free). And I didn’t bring my cat in my luggage when coming here. Anyway, here goes nothing:

That picture dates back to october. It’s one of the first I took with my new (to me) Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 lens, adapted on my Fujifilm X-A1. My cat (pictured) was a PITA to photograph because he was constantly moving around. Taken at ISO 200, f/1.4 probably and 1/400th of a second. The picture was probably edited real quick in Lightroom.”

“This Border Collie was waiting for its owner outside a book store in Devonport, Auckland. It was also taken with the 50mm FD lens. At ISO 200 and 1/11000th of a second. And edited slightly in Lightroom (the usual: colour profile from Adobe’s to Fuji’s, and slight changes in highligths/shadows/...)”



“I took it with a Nikon D80 with my old 50mm lens. I don’t remember the parameters off the top of my head though.

Backstory: I started learning photography a while back, and my cat was an available model. She was laying down in my room and I broke out the D80 and started snapping some pictures. This was touched up a bit in iPhoto, before I got Photoshop.”


Luke’s Dad Sold His 2000TL To Get a Sienna

“This was taken with my Canon 5D2 and 85mm 1.8 while I was making sure that it was the lens that had a huge water smudge on it and not the camera sensor. I accidentally got too close to taking a picture of a flower with my 65mm Macro and a huge water smudge dried on the bottom right of the lens. Just took a quick shot of the first thing I saw and this was the picture that came out.

“My bunny turns 5 this year (just for the time he’s been in our house, we don’t know how old he was when he decided to go under our minivan). We found him under our minivan. He’s a holland lop and unlike most animals, he still has his balls. HAHA. We’ve been used to raising fish and insects that we never had to neuter them so Bunny (that’s his name) got off lucky.”



“Gus. ‘Nuff said.



ISO 200





ISO 200




“I took this with the Sony Cybershot RX100 at the Cincinnati Zoo a couple of years ago. It was completely a lucky shot, but I just love how brilliant the owl’s eyes are. This is an Eagle Owl.”



“This week I had planned to actually go out and shoot animals (with my camera) specifically for the “Weekly Photo Mission”. However, I wasn’t able to make it out to shoot at all this week. So here is a picture I took a week(ish) ago while hiking off the Blue Ridge Parkway at about 4,000ft elevation. This White Spotted Slimy Salamander was about the size of my hand (head to tip of tail). I snapped a couple quick photos before he/she burrowed him/herself into the soil. Awesome little critter!

Camera: iPhone 6+ (645 Pro)

Edited: Very lightly in Snapseed

Location: NE of Asheville”

Stephen The Canuck

“Well I haven’t seen any animals all week, and this weekend has been rainy. So here’s two pictures from a zoo trip last year.

T3i with EF 75-300 at 120mm. 1/400th, f5.6, ISO 100. This was in the pelican/penguin enclosure. I liked the way this one was showing off it’s wings.”


“T3i with EF 75-300, at 1/200th, f8, 75mm, ISO 200. I liked the polar bears. They were just having fun swimming and eating carrots. I managed to catch this one in the act of shaking like a dog to get the water off. Silly polar bear, you’re not a dog.”



“Shooting Fauna is something else: I’d have to walk and wait in the fields/forrest for hours to get the shot I’d truly like. There’s fauna in the city as well of course. But running into these moments I never seem to carry a camera. So here’s my entry, shot by ‘potato’.

Camera: iPhone5

Edits: just some coloring

My lovely daughter noticed this little dog outside the supermarket, waiting for it’s boss to return with some groceries. And probably dog-food. Being the dog-nut she is she’ll have to pet it (she only fears our neighbor’s Bulldog). Add some wind and this is the result.”


“Camera: iPhone5

Edits: Cropping/Colours

After an afternoon playing in the fields and finding game these two English Springer Spaniels just want to sleep in their bench. Alright, a cuddle is okay.”



“Took this photo by the Rideau Canal in Ottawa. I was actually trying to take a picture of some ducks across the river, but I heard a bird singing beside me, so I decided to check that one out. That’s when I spotted these ducks in the water, and this turned out as one of my better shots. Photo was taken with my D70s with a 70-300mm lens at ISO 200.”


“This is the bird that caught my attention. Same specs as the previous photo.”



Great blue heron. It’s been raining since forever here in Texas, but there was a rare sunny day when I thought I’d get some good shots. By the time I made it out to the water, falling evening temps had caused clouds to crop up along the horizon just as the sun was in the perfect spot to cast that perfect golden afternoon light. So, instead of warm tones, I got silvers, greys, and blues. And things were pretty quiet in the marshes. Normally, there’s all sorts of birds here, including great and little blue herons, great egrets, and roseate spoonbills. Though great blue herons are migratory, we have a few that stay year-round. Guess this dude is one of them. :)

Shot with a Canon 50D and Rebel T2i. Lenses were a 17-35mm f/2.8 and a 70-200mm f/2.8. Edited in photoshop. Since it was nearing dusk, I shot underexposed on purpose and brought things back up in post: brightness, contrast, curves, levels, and a little special sauce.



“This is a shot I took of a horse pulling a carriage last Christmas. It may be a little hard to tell but that motorcycle revved it’s engine right along side the horse and spooked it into a gallop. I’m sure it definitely made for an interesting carriage ride. Took this with my Canon 50mm f/1.8.”


“Here is my cat which I also attempted to photograph with my Nikon 50mm f/1.4. I can verify for all parties that trying to photograph a cat at f/1.4 is indeed a pain in the ass.

Both were taken with my T2i and I cleaned up the cat one in Lightroom and the horse in Photoshop.”



That is indeed a polar bear pooping. Shot on my Nexus 5.”

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos! And keep an eye open for next week’s challenge!