Last week, you were tasked with taking photos of whatever you damn well pleased. So, without further ado, here are everyone’s entries.

Stephen the Canuck

“As promised, here you go. Canada Day fireworks down at the Whitby waterfront. I played around with exposure lengths and got some decent shots.

T3i and EF 75-300 @ 110mm, f8, 4 sec, ISO 200.”

“T3i and EF75-300 @ 120mm, f11, 6 sec, ISO 100.”

Smallbear-V8 Coloranyon Pilot

f/5.6 for 1/200 second. Just experimenting with a new camera.”

“f/8 for 1/60 second. More experimenting and thought this would be a cool sillouette.”


“Into week 2 of 3 hectic weeks without a day off, I didn’t have time to go out and shoot anything.

Here are two random photos I took fairly recently. Not sure what settings I used.”



I was bored at work and went to talk with my IT colleagues. When I saw this motherboard I thought it looked like an above picture of some weird futuristic city.”


“Opposed to that “The secret garden” in the beautiful medieval little town of Obidos. I love the fact that it’s behind bars, it keeps it a bit more special.”


“ Really wish I had been able to take this shot for last week’s challenge, but oh well.”


“Shot this down in Byward. Angry bearded man probably didn’t like his photo being taken. Whoops.

Both shots taken with my D70s, with my 18-70mm lens. 200 ISO.”

Excellent work all around. As previously mentioned, I will not be running the next Weekly Photo Mission, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be one (I hope).