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Photo Mission Gallery: Cars

Last week, you were tasked with taking photos of cars. And here are the results!


“Here’s my entry,

5D Mkii, 50 1.8. Taken after a nice long Sunday drive.”


“Both were taken from the passenger seat of a car in motion.

1/200 f10 iso100 50mm

“1/1000 f5.6 iso 200 55mm”


“If it’s cars you want: I give you my favorite, not pretty, not nice, but one hell of a tank! It’s the Renault 4L, I had one for years (white) and to this day I still regret having sold her.”


I have no idea what this is, I just thought she was nice looking (Editor’s Note: It’s a Morgan Aero, as pointed out by KnowsAboutCars. -CB). There was a classic rally starting near my house and all I had was my mobile with me.


“Photo 1: The Dub Squad.”

“Photo 2: The Lincoln from hell.

photos were taken at the Alcatel-Lucent Car Show on Saturday.

I haven’t been able to get the stories of the owners themselves, but these cars themselves are pretty cool, The lifted Golfs and the slammed Jettas looked quite decent, even my buddies kept insisting I do something like that to mine.



70mm, ISO 400

The Lincoln is basically a lowrider sitting on Dayton wheels and hydraulic suspension, as well as a fancy paintjob. the rings around the headlights give it a ‘demonic’ look.



70mm, ISO 400”


“A mix of stuff from a wintery C&C

Shot with a NEX-C3 w/ the $28 Fujian 35mm f1.7

RUF in a bit of rain”

“Lancia Integrale Evo II “Edizione finale” - my hands were a bit shakey for this one and lens was slightly off focus.”


“Old lotus emblem on a replica 7”


Smallbear-V8 Coloranyon Pilot


“Don’t really have time right now to go hunt cars, so have some autoshow pix. If I get a chance I’ll replace them with something else.

Pick your favorite 2:

All shot with my Canon ELPH100HS”


“Kei car in the Japanese countryside near some paddy fields.”

“And my parent’s colleague’s Kia Optima, literally 30 minutes after she picked it up from the dealership with less than 50 miles on the clock. We drove it to the river border between Macau and China and took advantage of the fading light to get some nice shots. This was one of them.”


I park in a garage

“Since I seem to be running out of time to do these, I’m gonna post one I took awhile back (i’m not entirely sure when). Its not the greatest pic, but one that taught me a lesson about taking my time and double checking. Which I think I sometimes need a daily reminder for. f4, 1/320, iso 400 @ focal length of 10mm (15mm @ 35).”




“I’ll play with some panning shots:”

Stephen the Canuck

“I figure it’s time I participate here again. I just got back from vacation at the cottage, so it’s an older picture.

1/160th, ISO 200, F4, 85mm, T3i. This was on Moss Corner at Mosport for the PWC at Victoria Day Speedfest (May Long Weekend). I really need to finish editing my photos from that weekend.

I really enjoyed phtoographing the ATS-V.Rs. They’re phenomenal looking.”


“Not the best angle but I really like the new Mustang.”


“I prefer a bit more of a weathered look...”


“Canon Powershot SD940IS

1/60 s


ISO 160

focal 5mm


“2008 Mazda MX-5

photo taken with Canon EOS RebelXT, f5.6, ISO 400, 30mm, 1/60s

post-processed to defocus background”


“This damn Volvo was blocking my garage. Not that I use it, but still. Photo was taken with my usual gear.”


Thanks for submissions from everyone who participated this week! Be sure to keep an eye out for next week’s mission!

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