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Photo Mission Gallery: Best/Worst

Last week, you were tasked with sharing your best photo and worst photo of the same subject. I will admit, it was probably difficult since a lot of people don’t tend to save their worsts or aren’t willing to share their worsts, but we had some great stuff show up. Let’s take a look, shall we?


“It extremely tricky to take a picture of a planet billions of kilometers away. I have a 100x Zoom Telescope (Celestron Omni 120XLT), and a low end dslr (Canon 550D), and a slightest touch or wrong settings could make or brake a picture.

An Example:”

“Too many touches on the scope and the shutter speed is too low. Let’s try again :”

“And there we are. Saturn, taken from my backyard.”


“Badly framed, cars, crap in the water, etc”

“And finally (after lots of attempts), perfectly framed, no cars, etc. Please note the pillars lining up with the markings on the stairs. You know how hard it is to position a boat that precisely?!?!?!”



“These are two photos from Tarifa, Spain, which I was lucky enough to visit a year ago. If anyone ever goes to Spain, I HIGHLY recommend it as a beach destination. Both photos taken with my Fujifilm Finepix SL by a (very) amateur photographer.

First the good:”

“I like this photo because it really captures the feel of the town. I like the pops of color and the somewhat voyeuristic composition. I’m proud of this photo :) I will note that it has been sliiiightly edited to make it better - I made the colors a tad brighter to convey just how bright they were in real life.

And now the bad:”

“This was the first attempt at the prior photo. I chose portrait instead of landscape, and didn’t step back far enough. It’s crooked, slightly blurry (which is enhanced because for some reason it’s fucking huge, sorry), and just not great. I also don’t like the umbrella in the top right corner - it looms like a leviathan over the bright photo. The green of the umbrella came out much better in the good photo.”



“This describes every god-damn picture of my kids. EVERY ONE.

Kids! Smile!”

“JT, look up from your phone, please *husband jostles my chair*”


“Fine, whatever. It’ll do.”


“I generally delete any photo I don’t like, so this was a difficult one. I spent a good chunk of Sunday taking pictures. Getting a “worst” was gonna be easy.


“Slightly less so:”



“Been meaning to finally post something in here. But I usually get rid of my bad shots after I go through what I’ve taken that day. Thankfully I still hadn’t gone through these...

Sunlight kept going in and out, so had to play with my flash a bit. Sun came out just as I shot this first one. Also didn’t quite get the focus right either.”


“Managed to flip the flash off in time to snap another one while managing to get the focus correct.

Shot on my D5300”


“First one is wonky and there’s people. Second one, the sun was already setting and I managed to straighten everything out. Fun fact - the last performers at that amphitheater were Pink Floyd.”



“Bad: shot from too high up, camera shake”

“Good (I think):”

“Added a filter (X1 on VSCO) and got a lower angle. I really like this one.”

Miss Mercedes

“I usually take roughly 10 selfies and choose 1 or 2 favourites:


- Properly cropped for the use I intended it for. Love the smile, some cleavage showing, skin tone pretty accurate. iPhone 6 front camera.”



- Colours a tad washed out, facial expression, I’m wearing my headset, incorrect crop. iPhone 6 front camera.”



“Went out and snapped a few photos of birds, since I knew it would be pretty difficult. I got a lot of shitty photos like the one above: blurry, out of focus, you know. This was my absolute worst one.”


“Then I snapped this. I will admit, I’m pretty content with this one. Shot both with my D70s with my 70-300 mm lens.”


Special thanks to everyone who decided to share photos with us! I hope this helps those who aren’t really as confident in their photos that not every one is going to be perfect, and that photography takes a mix of skill and luck in order to get things looking right.

Anyway, tune in later for the next Weekly Photo Mission!

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