For the past two weeks, you were tasked with taking photos of things around the house. Here’s what you guys came up with.


“I’ve been absent and not sure if this is still running. Not much but I haven’t spent much time at home.

Entry 1. Hades

From my Saint Seiya collection.”

“Entry 2

Although I’ve been injured and not practising, my bows”


“I have too many movies.

iso 400, f3.2, 1/13”

“A peak inside a comic box. This one I held an led light above so the first comic wasn’t in shadow.

Same specs as first image.

​If ever there was doubt I’m a nerd...”


“Hot wheels in the kitchen”

Thanks for everyone who contributed! As I said, this is going to be the last photo mission for a while from me, but it will be back! Eventually!