Lots of participation this week. Great work everybody.

I'll take 911 RS for $5000

Picture one is of my Peak Design Capture Pro camera clip. It's pretty much the base for a quick release mount that will attach to my backpack strap making it incredibly easy to carry the camera without hands or having it bounce uncomfortably on my chest while I hike/run. I got it for Christmas, and just started using, but it's incredible. Picture was taken with my Sony A7 & Minolta 58mm f/1.2 at ISO 320, f/1.2, and 1/15 sec. Slightly cropped, and WB slightly changed in Capture Pro 8. Currently attached to a Timbuk2 cycling backpack that was on sale a year or two ago that I use to carry my camera gear and for hiking. The red blob at the 1/4 down and just left of center is the attachment for a Peak Design Leash strap, so I don't even have to worry about wrapping the strap around my neck.

Picture two is of my Pentax K1000, with homemade strap, rocking the lens from my dad's old Ricoh X-RP. Taken with a Canon T1i and probably my old Vivitar Series 1 70-210 f/3.5 Macro. Taken at ISO 500, f/unknown (probably f/3.5 or 4), and 1/60 sec. Edited in RawTherapee, though the edits were done so long ago I can't remember what I did.




Both shot on my T2i with a 50mm 1.8 prime, 1.8 aperture 1/50 shutter speed I cropped and adjusted the levels in photoshop and used the dodge tool on the lettering on the lens.

The lens is my wife's old 50mm 1.8 for her AE-1 with an adapter I bought to use with my T2i. The tripod is my dad's old Slik one with a Velbon fluid head I bought to use with it.

Jared East Photography


Nothing artsy but this is my set up for this weekends Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona.

Denver Is Maintaining A 4.0


I Used my Nikon D3100 with the kit 18-55 lens.

ISO 800, f/22, 1/5 second exposure, No flash, edited in Lightroom 5.

Its a photo of my old Poloroid Electric Eye 900 collapsible instant camera. I cant get film for it anymore, so Its now just decoration.




I've got five total, but I just saw you say 2 only, so I'll adhere to that. Enjoy my Yashica TLR!

Photos are taken with the native camera app of an iPhone 4S and edited in Snapseed.

Stephen the Canuck


My gripped T3i with EF 50mm f1.8. My EF-S 24mm f2.8 that my girlfriend got me for my birthday (plus the heliopan UV filter on it).

So I've never really tried any product type shots before. For this I hung a white t-shirt (wrinkly/whoops) from the back of the couch onto a box, and had a lamp at camera right. I tried with the on camera flash both off and on. It's not easy. I'd set up in a different location with a non-wrinkly white cloth and better light next time.



Little blurry but the only one where he is looking!