Took these photos when I was at my mum's place last week. The dogs are her pets (I didn't grow up with them, my dogs passed away), and the cat is an asshole that hates me, so I guess it's her pet too. The cat's name is Marmalade, and the only cat remaining from that one time we had four cats.

This is Rosie. She's a year old. She likes eating door frames (although her damage will never top that of Benton, who ate the back of a door, part of a fence, and the entire fucking family room).

This is Sadie, a rescue dog from a Kentucky kill pound. She hates most strangers and pretty much all men but me.


Yeah, just felt like uploading these photos somewhere. I miss having a pet, but my schedule and my finances can't support one. Oh well. Photos were taken with my D70s with the 18-70mm.