As I keep shooting, the more I realize one of my favorite things to do is portraiture. The combined energy of 2 or more people collaborating always feels fantastic. This shot was 1/125, 80 ISO @ f/4, natural light (golden hour!)

This one is one of my favorites. Settings: 1/90, 100 ISO @ f/4. Used an off camera flash attached to a shoot through umbrella that’s bouncing back from it. It feels like a borderline fashion shot, which would be something I typically would have no interest in. But now that I have done something similar, I think it might actually be something worth playing with in the future.


One more, shot at 1/125, 80 ISO @ f/4 again.

As usual, I’m interested in feedback. If you’d like to see the full set, you can find it here. All shots were taken with my new-to-me Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 HSM. Normally I’m a prime lens kind of guy, but this lens has saved my bacon at weddings as of late. I hope to do a review of it later this month.