Duurtlang's Panorama post reminded me that I had several pano's from our trip through the EU in June. Most of these are stitched photos from several originals shot with a Canon SX50HS.

In the past (long time ago) I used the Canon PhotoStitch software and found it terrible. Then I found the FREE Microsoft Research Image Composite Editor (ICE), which I think does a decent job. My phone auto-stitches photos which can be handy, but the results have marginal quality. I know many of you 'photo-professionals' out there have Photoshop and can do wonderful things with that suite, but I am cheap and don't make a living taking photos.

What is your FREE photo stitching software ?

Sunset over the Danube in Vienna:


Parliament Building in Vienna:

The Melk Abbey (outside of Vienna):


High over Durnstein:


Schonnbrunn Palace (Vienna):

Wurzburg Lock:


Vinyard in Wertheim:

Overlooking Rudesheim:


A small garden across from the Dom in Koln: