Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

Hi Folks -

OK, a few weeks ago, I ordered a 50mm f/1.7 Rokkor for my XG-7 from Canadia. Knowing that Canadia is like a whole ‘nother country**, I figured it would take a while for a non-express package to get delivered. That said, it’s been three weeks. Not having that much experience with this, I’m not sure if the lens is lost in the US/Canadia Customs labyrinth, or if it got misplaced by either Canadia Post or USPS. I have no reason to believe that the shipper hosed me, so I’m assuming it’s somewhere between BC and SF. Of course, I - not being in a hurry - went with normal postage, so there’s no tracking number.

Does anyone have any experience getting shipments from Canadia? How long did they take in your experience? I’m trying to gauge how long I should wait until I hit up eBay for a refund.


Completely Unrelated: I dropped off the test roll that I shot with the Yashica, for to see if there are any light leaks and how well/poorly the camera actually works (Note: Cameras with light meters work best when you put the battery in correctly. Ask me how I know...)


*Yes, I know it’s “Canada” but I like “Canadia” better.

**Yes, I know it’s actually a whole ‘nother*** country

***Yes, I know that “’nother” is not a real word

UPDATE: It’s here! ...and I must say, this is the most unique packaging I’ve ever seen:

To be fair, the guy did say he would wrap it well and he held true to his promise. The lens was wrapped in plastic and stashed in the styrofoam cup which was then ensconced in bubble wrap.

The lens is good - not pristine, but good.


The only odd thing is that there was some resistance while focusing at first - felt like there was dirt in there, which is odd because the lens is clean. A few cycles of the focusing ring cleared it out. I think it should work out OK, though - I’ll keep an eye on that.


So, mental note: 18 business days from BC to SF normal post. I’ll remember not to buy anything from Canadia if I need it in a hurry...

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