As some of you may know, I help run a website doing car related articles and videos and that means I attend events and photograph them as well as shoot cars for specific article features. I picked up a Canon 7D a while ago as an upgrade to my 40D but kept the 40D as a ‘backup’ because I figured it would be nice to have two bodies. Less lens swapping, more battery life, multiple angles, etc. I have found that since getting the new camera the 40D has only left the bag twice, once to have another lens on it so I could quickly switch and another time because the 7D was being used for video and I wanted to grab a few photos as well.

Now the question is, do I keep the 40D as a backup still or sell it to put towards other gear? If I do sell it, what should I add to my kit with the money? If I were to price it competitively(KEH price minus a bit) would anyone be interested in it?

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