Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

Are you a frequent visitor to our glorious haven for capturing light, but still don't have the rights to create a new post? Are you a lens into the outside world, actively creating posts and helping to keep our photography community alive? If you answered yes to either of those questions, I want to hear from you.

Hello fellow photophiles, I'm Ernie. I work in Gawker Media's tech department and created this little place for photography when Kinja was in its stages of infancy. Back then, I assembled a small but active team of mods to keep the lens of this sensor dust free, so to speak. The team has remained mostly unchanged since, and - speaking for myself at least - has a tendency to lurk or disappear for extended periods of time. I think it's time to update our firmware.


Become an Author on Photography

This is a piece of cake. Just drop a comment below and ask to be an author. While providing some samples of your work (Flickr, portfolio site, comments across Kinja containing some of your shots, or just upload straight into your reply) is encouraged, it's not a requirement. We're not an elitist community. We want to see what you see. We want to discuss your settings, critique your post-processing, and applaud your unique use of off-body flash.

Become a Moderator on Photography

This is a little more tricky. Here are the requirements:

  • You're an existing author on (that's us!)
  • You're an active member of the Photography Kinja community in your own posts and in others
  • You're familiar with the Kinja platform
  • You're friendly, open, and love to discuss

You're free to nominate yourself or anyone else you think would do a great job of keeping this place tidy. All I ask is that you include links to some of the content you created on this sub-blog to accredit the request.


Modding ain't easy. It allows you to add and remove new authors, enlarge both headlines and header images, and lets you edit any existing posts. This is why we need a few active, trustworthy, established individuals to hold down the fort.

So, just how focused are you?

[Images by Ernie]

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