Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time
Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

Just curious what people out there are using for online resources to support their photography. I’m always interested in checking out anything that allows me to shoot more often, improve my skills, or gets me motivated.

I myself use the following:

Smugmug for my website. I like it as it means I didn’t have to spend years working in Wordpress or any platform where options and choices are more prevalent than people on this planet. I don’t do well with option paralysis. It’s also nice that it has easy addons (read, subscription levels) that allow you to sell your stuff online, make customer galleries, connect with printing services, etc....


500px for motivation/validation. Every now and then its nice to know that someone likes your photo. Also plenty of ways to find new ideas here and to see what other people are doing. Also allows for photography sales.

This Kinja. I’m a little biased here. I like you guys. A good small group so far. High 5’s.

Advertisement Technically I don’t use this one yet. Very new service that seems to be the “airbnb or etsy” of photography, while also being a complete back end solution for freelance/independent photography. I’m a little hesitant thanks to the comparison, but at the same time if it really does accomplish the goal of “letting you shoot more”, then colour me interested. I’ve signed up my email for updates when its open so I guess its a wait and see option. As a Sony shooter, here’s a nice all in one place to find out which old Minolta lenses are best, which accessories are awesome and just finding out what other Sony people do to improve their shots.


I’m gonna leave apps for another post, but what do you use? What photography sites are you always on? (Also, if you want referral links for any of the above, I’d happily shoot one over).

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