Maybe Stephen needs a break, maybe you guys need something different.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it (you should) is the following;

Make a Short Film.

I don't have a video ready to share but this type of video is a good example of something anyone can shoot. Just random shots set to music from the very talented Philip Bloom.

The Rules:

1. You can submit a short film up to a minute in length. The video can be any length under a minute so don't feel compelled to make it a minute if you don't want to. Please submit them through the comments on this post. After the deadline I will gather them into an exhibition post. I would like for the video to be a recent one, but it's not a hard rule.


2. The deadline is midnight (24:00 hours) on next Friday (04/03). The exhibition post will be up some time on Saturday. Each week's new mission will be posted on Monday (except this one).

3. This is not a judged competition. This is just for fun and to show of our work.


4. With your submission please tell us about the video. The specs, the location (if you're comfortable with that), and the background story of it.

5. Any camera is welcome, even phone cameras. I would prefer for people to not use automatic modes, but I accept that composition/etc. will still produce a good photograph with the camera in automatic mode. Editing is allowed.


These missions are intended to be fun, and to give people a reason to get out and shoot. I would like for positive discussion to come about from these, as well as to increase the participation on Photography Kinja.

If you need an editor you can use imovie on iOS and Mac. For windows you can try Adobe Premier as a trial. You can use any creative commons song as long as you reference it in the description. Some basics to go by is that you want to film at 24 fps and 1/50 second shutter speed for the cinematic look. Bokeh is as useful if not more so in filmmaking so you're going to have to control your lighting to use the right aperture. As well as posting your work below you can also post questions like where to find certain things or how to do something and I'll help the best I can.