Im kinda bummed. 1st, i wait well over a week for a call to pick up my photos i wanted developed. I go in, and they say its been picked up by someone else. Then they tell me the Fuji place they send it to had a problem. I come back 2 days later after they called me to say the pics are now in. I pick up the prints. I had only asked for a CD... So i paid for them hoping ill at least have the CD. NOPE. i get home and find out there is no CD. I call them, and they look up the order, and they say Fuji had a processing error with the CD. Great!... However, they said to bring in the prints to make scans for free....

So above is a picture of the 1st picture. i apologize for the wacky editing, i cant be bothered to try anything else. i just wanted some files on a cd... =(

Hopefully tomorrow i will be able to share the images with you guys. To my surprise, every image was nearly on spot for exposure. Minolta SRT 101 ftw! For a 40 year old camera i am impressed. And my first roll of shooting anything on film.

How bad are the images going to be when they are gonna get scanned from the 4x6 print? That has me worried.


Also, i shot through a roll of black and white last week, and actually developed that roll of film in class. And i did it first try! Ill be making a contact sheet on tuesday, so i should be able to show that too. My prof said he has a 35mm negative scanner, i dont know how it works, but maybe i can get my black and white negatives into internet friendly formats!

So expect some more film posts from me in the next few weeks.