Hi Folks -

OK. First, an addition to my burgeoning camera collection. Check out this art-deco beauty.

Ansco Shur Shot box camera, made c. 1948, I’m told. This takes 120 film. Aperture is around f/13. Using a shutter speed app (called, aptly, “Shutter-Speed”) I figure it shoots at 1/20 (down from 1/60 which is what it did, originally). I figure that this is what Holga’s started out trying to be. Though, to be accurate, the Holga is “more advanced” as it has a hot shoe, 2 whole apertures and can go either 6x6 or 6x4.5. This thing has no adjustments whatsoever.

I sort of dig the full-on simplicity of it. No jacking around, no controls, nothing. You either take the picture, or you don’t; try to keep it level if you can...

What did take my head off, however, was how bright the viewfinder is. I mean, check this out:


This has two viewfinders - one on the top and one on the side (for portrait or landscape shots). Negative size is 6 x 9, so I can plan on getting up to 8 shots/roll.

Given the shutter speed and aperture, I’m trying to figure if I should run ISO 50 in this, or if 100 would be too fast, given the slow shutter. Regardless, I look forward to playing with this in the near future.


Now, my thought on film. After having a couple of rolls developed individually at a lab near my old job, I determined that it would be cheaper to save up my rolls and send them out for developing and scanning (Photoworks SF). What I did not figure out is how nerve racking it is. True, I’m using a somewhat reputable company and they provided a prepaid mailing label, and it’s not like I’m shooting any fine art, here...but just the thought of putting 6 rolls into the mail with an order form seems like leaving everything to chance. Mind you, I know that USPS correctly delivers hundreds* of pieces of mail every day and I had little to worry about, but still... Regardless, I just checked, and the lab had charged my credit card, which means they got the film and I’ll be getting my pics (including the test rolls from the Yashica TLR I bought a bit ago).

*Yes, I know it’s closer to tens of millions...