Hey everyone, I just discovered this blog today so forgive me for not knowing how things work around here. Anyway, I’m a mechanical engineering student from Memphis, Tennessee, and I’m kinda into photography. I like landscapes, cars, and architecture. This isn’t too serious of a hobby for me, I just like to Instagram. I just figured I’d share some of my pics with yall to see what you think. I honestly don’t know if they’re good or bad, I kinda just want some feedback haha. Oh and I use an iPhone. Here ya go

I-40 somewhere in either Texas or New Mexico

Grand Canyon

My truck


F82 M4

My truck again


Bentley Mulsanne

Ferrari 458 Speciale


Beautiful Ford GT (one of my all-time favorite cars)

SLR McLaren


Clark Tower

Clean E46 M3


997.2 GT3RS

E30 M3 DTM

What do you think?