I take photo’s for fun here and there, looking to learn new techniques and hoping to buy a nice wide angle at some point. All of my photo’s for the past year or so have been on a Canon T4i with the standard 18-55 and an STM 55-250. My first Camera was a Canon Xsi followed by a Pentax for a brief spell, then I was given a Nikon D3100 which became boring so I am a devout Canon shooter.

This is my buddies AMG S500.

This shot below the Benz is the start of a new experiment of mine. I’m going to do a study of taking pictures cinematically. So as a start my camera is set to taking 16:9 photo’s and yes that’s my personal vehicle and in the coming months will be the subject of many photo’s.

DC Autoshow 2015



But yea, thanks for having me.