I'm looking to replace my troublesome D3100 with something a little more professional. I'd prefer to stick with Nikon simply because I already have a small collection of lenses, but Canons aren't completely ruled out.

Nikon - If I'm just replacing the body, my budget is somewhere around $800. Whatever it is it needs to have a built in autofocus motor. Good video would be nice, but if I really want to I can use a real film camera from my work. It'll be used for everything from portraits and stationary cars to collegiate sports and racing. Right now I'm looking at the D7000.


Canon - Since I would have to replace everything my budget is higher, around $1500. Used for the same stuff but if I'm making the jump I except some damn good video capabilities. If I were to switch to Canon I'm looking at the 70D.

So what are your thoughts? Feel free to tell my I'm completely wrong in my life choices.