OK, so not as kinky as it sounds...

Anyway, I said yesterday that the “new” K1000 that I got was missing the left side leather which was replaced with black duct tape and I had ordered new covers from CameraLeather.com.

[NOTE: Did a quick/dirty brightness and contrast adjust because I didn’t feel like dicking with these pics that much]

Ratty masking tape, before.



Sharp new leatherette, after!

Truth be told, I only really needed to replace the left front cover, but being that the new cover texture didn’t match the existing, I went ahead and redid the whole camera.


I figured it would be harder than it was what with all the alignment to make sure things stuck straight. But I think this whole thing took 15 minutes, start to finish. If figure I’m lucky as this was fairly straightforward as there were no levers or anything on the front, which would take a lot more manipulation to make everything line up.

I did catch a couple of air bubbles in the back, but those were dispatched with a poke of the X-Acto knife. That’s something I’ll be mindful of next time I need to do this.


Also, I went with the leatherette as it was cheap; I could have gotten genuine leather in different colors and patterns, but I didn’t want to spend more on upholstery than I did on the camera.

True this was purely aesthetic and largely unneccesary, but not a bad upgrade for $10.