Hi Folks -

OK, so I’m moving towards digitizing my negatives (instead of paying to have them scanned when I get the film developed). I got a light box last night (Porta-Trace; screaming deal at $30; I think it was used once or twice).

Anyway, did a trial run tonight with some negs that I have...nothing too scientific - just plopped the neg down on the light box and shot it with the D7000. I then pulled the image into GiMP and inverted the colors. The Black and Whites came out fine, but I’m having trouble with the colors. Now, if you were to gather all of the experience and knowledge of photo manipulation and then get rid of it, that’s about where I’d be. So, here’s the negs in question (just a rando shot):

GiMP seems to be wonderfully sophisticated and has many different adjustments, but I know exactly fuck all about where to go from here. Can someone point me in the right direction? I can’t seem to find the “fix this shit” button, anywhere.


Update: OK, so after doing some dicking around, I figured out that I needed to adjust the gray and black levels, and tweak brightness and saturation. Now I have this:


Not spot on (after looking at the truck, I should back down the saturation a bit) but a helluva lot closer.