Few months ago, we went to the National Western Stock Show. My wife has been riding since she was a child, so she loves all that stuff. I go to take photos :)

This time, I brought my 6D, 50D, 400mm f5.6L and 70-200mm f2.8L. Somehow, I left all my loaded batteries at home, and I brought some half charged ones, and I didn’t have enough juice to shoot all night, but I got a few decent shots anyway.

Another thing - my 400mm on 6D was causing some weird stuff - it wanted to shoot as high as 12800 ISO. Place was semi-dark, but not 12800 ISO dark. I am still not sure what was all that about.

Anyway, I had to resort to editing my photos to look old fashioned, with a bleach bypass and some (well, lots) of noise. I also left some blown highlights and made them brighter than they should be. I just felt like it today. I still like them, and I hope you will to!


Above is the link for the whole album on Flickr. Below is the link for the album on Facebook



These are some of my favorites


9 legs in this photo, all 9 in the air