I revisited my Karmann Ghia sunrise pic again tonight. And the night before. But this morning I had a revelation as to how to make the new horizon line look a bit more natural. It needed some features to give it depth. It didn’t need to look like the earth just stops there. I quit renewing my membership to The Flat Earth Society when I was in my twenties.

After not being able to create some feature from scratch, I needed to try a cut and paste job. I went through some photos that I took that have horizon lines in the far distance and found one that looked very promising. I cut out the section I wanted, worked a little (several hours) of Photoshop magic, and I have a horizon with features.

For reference, here is the original pic.

And here is the newest (and hopefully final version).

And for fun, here’s where I stole my features from.


That picture was taken on May 30th, when Mars was at it’s closest to Earth in however many years. The bright streak in the upper right area is Mars. The view is from St. Petersburg, looking east across Tampa Bay at the Apollo Beach area, which is the horizon I copied. The lightning storm was winding down by the time I got my camera set up. This was the only bolt I captured. Had I been just a few minutes earlier, the lightning was shooting out of the clouds in every direction. I did get one really neat shot besides this one that some of you may have seen already. But I’m not going to post it again as I’ll save it for my “Best Of...” list.