As many of you may know, my educational background includes 3 years studying Electrical Engineering and Management Information Systems. Recently, I installed a subwoofer in my car, trying to just boost a bit of the low end that the stock 10-speaker system couldn't reproduce. Now, I've started working on a circuit that, in the end, will convert the high level speaker output into a low level output to put into the amplifier, have a 3 or more band equalizer, and a signal clipping indicator so I don't blow anything up. This circuit is the signal slipping indicator, which is a design I found on the internet. The rest of the system will be designed by me, but I figured I'd get the easy part out of the way. Still need to test it, but the simulations seem to work. This shot was straight out of the X-E1, Velvia film simulation, dynamic range at 400%. Cropped in camera and taken at MFD of the XF 35mm f/1.4 R

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