Since I've been experimenting with film and older digital bodies, I figured I'd brush off my dad's old AF 35mm EOS. Turns out it's the EOS 650, the first auto focus SLR Canon made. I found a battery at Radioshack for $20, which should last at least 100 rolls.

I ran a roll of Fuji Supera 800 through, but the Walgreens in town is having their development hardware serviced, so there's no prints for me to show. Coming from the AE-1, which was also my dad's, this is a dream. Being able to use my expensive EF glass is nice; I can't wait to see how the bokeh looks from the 85mm f/1.2L II on film.

No fancy "multiple" auto focus points. There's one in the middle. First, you take a stab at what shutter speed you think you need, then you press an "M" button that is below the DoF preview button to determine, in the meters terms, whether you need to "OP"en the aperture or "CL"ose it. It's cumbersome, but it works. Hopefully. We'll see when I can get that roll developed.