Ok so... Without my knowledge, I got an author status on Photography Kinja blog and here's my first post. iforgotmyburnerkeyonce and Gamecat235's posts pushed me to use my camera again... I tried to find my favorite picture that I took but no luck so I reproduced the picture tonight. Yeah... Those chrome blobs are ultra pure mercury. Tungsten Wednesday got me reading on other elements... And I fell in love with mercury aka Hg or liquid metal. So much love I bought a pound of it online... It's pretty damn expensive and heavy in a small quantity but it's totally fucking worth every penny. I love how mercury has so much contrast it stands out on a dull penny. It's so hard to experiment with lighting to illuminate those subjects... I took too long and my squeaky clean subjects became dusty but I cleaned it up as best I could in post. No worries... I handled mercury with rubber gloves and cleaned up my workspace afterwards.

This is the dusty original... Click here for a full resolution picture.


After cleaning up and cropping... Nothing else changed. Click here for a full resolution picture.


When I cropped this... I thought about keeping the subjects off-center but there was too much dead space. So I went with center crop.

SR20 phone picture of a preview of above picture on my camera...


All pictures have EXIF for y'all gearheads.

Ok so... Any comments or suggestions?