I don’t know what I’m doing exactly and I don’t know if I like it.

But it’s interesting and kind of fun to continue to play around with color curves.

I was shooting a lot of film for a few weeks, doing a lot of double exposures.

Then I got the first of two rolls back and it was completely blank. Not great.

In a bit of a huff, I picked up my old 20D and started shooting some more digital, enjoying having pictures to process right away. And it has been so wonderful!


I shot these all yesterday, sort of enjoying playing against the not-super-ideal high sun and hazy humidity. I don’t know how they compare to my last weird editing spell, or the weird editing spell before that, but I’m intrigued by the results, at least.


I just don’t know if my weirdo edits are a bit too much. I guess it depends on the shot. I’m sure I’ll figure this all out at some point.