Preface: I am taking my high school's level 2 photography class. At the time I took it level 1 was black and white film and was led by a different teacher. In the years since, my school has discontinued teaching film and moved to digital. First day: I decided to figure out the quality of the teacher. I started a simple discussion about prime and zoom lenses. I asked him what type of prime lens would be a good choice for a beginner photographer. He told me "why bother getting different lenses when you can do most of the effects and zooms in photoshop." He followed this with "You didn't take digital photography with me last year so you don't know how to use photoshop and will be at a massive disadvantage." Oh my. Whatever happened to teaching rule of thirds, how to set up a shot, what ios means, etc.? As a side note I've been using photoshop to some degree since I was 7 (my mother is a graphic designer). It was at this moment I decided I would challenge the man as much as artistically possible

Day Two: He assigns our first assignment. Take pictures of 50 things of all the same color and turn it into a (tacky looking in my opinion) collage. I ask him if brown is an acceptable color to shoot since there were no brown examples he showed us. He told me "No. Brown isn't a color. Is it on the color wheel? No." I was stunned and just walked away. Also, he said a future project will be a portrait unit using a very basic studio. I really really want to recreate the Burt Reynolds Cosmo cover. But for some reason I don't think he will like that idea.

Reflection on these two days: I signed up for a photography class and it looks like I'll be getting a basic level photoshop course that just happens to have a photo taking element added into it at the last moment. This is going to be fun, I really enjoy pushing art teachers to their limits.