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Moving photography

I just published the latest video in a series that I’ve been shooting showing how people choose to stay active. This is my favorite to date. I know its self promotional and its video, but I thought you all might like seeing it.

Shot with a Black Magic Ursa, Mostly Canon L lenses and a Yuneec Q500 4k drone. We used a DJI ronin to stabilize the one the water shots strapped to a little tinny.

Pictured: not me. This is a co-worker who ran the rig while I drove this time around. I shot all the aerials, the interview and anything on the shore. Also shown, a WAY expired registration that no one on the lake cared about, including the park ranger we talked to. Go figure.

As a bonus to the folks who slipped over here from Oppo/Overland...this is what I used to light the interview.

The color temps weren’t compatible, but the grading on the URSA is so good you can kinda get around it.

Just as a side note, my car makes an appearance is used for filming aid in all these in the series.

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