Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

More Experiments With Editing

My continuing quest to get my pictures to look like something approaching good or interesting continues. I went through some old photos and did a couple edits that I liked.

The new edits are on the right. On the left is how they came out of the camera.

I was quite happy shooting these. I had just bought a pair of old Russian lenses off of eBay: a tiny Industar 50-2 that remains my go-to for wandering around, and a Zenitar 16mm fisheye I stuck on the front of my old 20D for these pictures. I was tired of not having something wide enough to get a whole car’s dashboard in frame while sitting in the passenger seat, and I was on quite a wide-angle kick for some time trying to get that shot.


I brought my then-new Zenitar with me one very bright morning with a very white Cayman GTS, and I really enjoyed trying to get the car shot right with lots of nice contrast, exposing for the car and letting everything else get real dark.


The other day I dug up an old hard drive of mine and tried just blowing everything way out, then dailing back exposure as I needed. I kind of like how dramatic they look, and they remind me more of how the day really looked and felt.


But this treatment really only worked on a few photos, making the car look like it was growing moss in a lot of others. So the experimentation continues.

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