Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

All with Nikon FE2, mostly 28mm f/1.8 but some are 50mm f/1.8

Using a combo of Ultramax 400 and Superia 400.

@huicentvin on Instagram.

A Lamborghini LM002 showed up at the event, which was mind blowing because according to the owner of this car, only about 300 were ever made and of those, only 60% are still out there. I didn’t fact check those because this is the first time I’d ever seen one, and so I just stood and ogled in awe of such a rare, memorable car.
Vega Cossie, Stinger GT and some kids making some plans.
The boys admiring a retromodded Bronco I
These guys brought along a Chevy Aveo that they had bought on the low and decided to make a build for the Gambler 500 event. Its ratted out look really stood out among all the shiny metal that usually caught one’s attention.
Another super rare car in the event was a dark blue (supposedly the only one of that color) Aston Martin Lagonda, which is another car I’d yet to see until the event. In really good condition, everything runs and drives. This interior even works; look how futuristic it was for its age. This is considered to be the first touch-panel dashboard ever made.
A couple of people having a moment on the bed of a kei truck complete with Japanese licensing stickers.
Last but not least the owner of an old Buick about to pull out of their spot.

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