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I watch this video every so often, if you ignore all the screaming teens I’d say it’s a pretty good video especially when you consider not a lot of people in that industry would say such things in front of hundreds of kids/teens. I’m more interested in the bit about opportunity, but the thing about being sexy is interesting too.

When he talks about being sexy, it reminded me of when a friend of mine claimed he got handed a card by some random guy in the street asking if he’d like to model, which isn’t too surprising because he’s a pretty good looking guy. I used to think “photogenic” just meant “good looking” but after taking the occasion pic of him I realised it actually means “every pic you take looks good.”


But he turned it down because he doesn’t agree with that sort of thing, modelling for things to make everyone feel bad and buy stuff they don’t need (As Kutcher says in the video) things like makeups and creams, that new 5 blade razor, a tub of whey powder, tooth whitening kit. Perhaps it’s part of your hobby in which case you’ll want those things, but to a lot of people it’s an attempt to drag them down and feel like less.

Thing is his dad’s in debt and he’s still looking for jobs, to turn that offer down really shows he cares about his values. Being handed a card doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to become a model, he’d need some test shoots first, but I think he’d do well if he had a go. Another friend of mine is actually a model, she doesn’t work often and isn’t all that dedicated to it, but it’s fairly decent money when she does get a gig.

Anyway, thinking of that reminded me of when I was filming a small concert a while back and one of the singers prefaced a song saying she wrote it because her sister got turned down as a model “for being just a bit too fat.” It made her sister feel absolutely terrible, and so she wrote that song. It’s a bit sad, that’s what the modelling industry is like, a lot of models constantly get told they’re not good enough, but you know what else is terrible? Feeling bad in general day to day life when looking up at billboards of attractive people trying to sell you some kinda cream or whatever.

It made me think...she felt bad for being turned down and anybody else probably would too, but, if she was successful, how many other women would she have made feel bad? Did she think of that before trying to get into modelling? I guess it depends a lot on what type she was trying to get into, but if “being a bit too fat” was a problem it might not be quite all that passive.


Just some food for thought, I think this is a much more complex subject but I’m not necessarily into modelling so I don’t know a huge amount about it. The only other thing I know about modelling is that you can’t simply look good, you need to know how to pose, I’ve seen people trying to become models who have the exact same expression in every single photo...that isn’t really modelling.

But, anyway, tell me what you think. I suppose this isn’t particularly photography related but I don’t know a closer subblog.

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