I went Milky Way shooting on Saturday night/Sunday morning. I am not too happy with the results, but here they are anyway.

First, there was more light pollution at this spot than there had previously been. That horizon glow on the left is actually completely blown out in most of the frames I shot. Whatever it is was not there before and is really close, as opposed to being glow from a city or something. So that made shooting not as great.

I also maybe should have waited another hour or so before going out. The Milky Way was too low for the light pollution that I expected to deal with. I would have stayed a little longer while it got a little higher in the sky, but after hearing lots of coyotes howling and getting very close, I decided to bail.

Third, though it’s hard to see in the pictures, there was a good amount of airglow happening, leaving a weird greenish hue buried in the sky that made editing a pain in butt.


Oh well. Just wasn’t the best night, but most of it was beyond my control. Next time I go out to do this, I have another spot in mind that is further away, but is darker.

The header pic is a single frame from one of the batches I took. The bottom two are stacks of I don’t remember how many (five to ten) to try to help with noise reduction. I didn’t go over these with a fine-tooth comb for hot pixels and other weirdness.


The infamous 1995 Ranger in all its glory!


I’m doing one of two things this weekend that should each yield some great pictures, which will be good as I’m bummed about these.