Hi Folks -

OK, so it’s been a couple of months since I’ve made a significant purchase. That not being optimum, I’m trolling the Bay of E’s and the List of Craigs for a medium format camera.

Somewhere, I read that “true” medium format is 6x6...but I don’t know how real that sentiment is. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether one size is better than the others? I imagine with 645, you’d get more pictures from a roll (twice as much as a 6x9, I’d reckon). But other than that? Is 6x9 essentially a panoramic camera? is 6x7 1/6 better than 6x6?

Not sure if it matters, but I’m looking to get camera + lens for <$300-ish.


UPDATE: Well, that was fast....I just picked up a YashicaMat 124G in excellent condition for $125 on the Bay of E’s. Looks like I’m going for 6x6. I’ll post pics (of and from the camera) after I get a roll through it. Thanks to all that responded!