Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time


I’d like to take credit for this marvelous photo, but it was taken by my 10-year-old son.

We made a family trip to the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco yesterday, and my son asked if he could use one of my cameras to take some pictures. So I hung my 40D/Tamron 17-50 around his neck, set it in aperture priority, and he was off to the races. We then had a long discussion about aperture, focal length, shutter speed, ISO, etc. When we talked about aperture (“the hole in the lens that lets light in”), I asked him what you do when you want to see something far away. “You squint,” he said. And I could see the lightbulb come on as he equated aperture to the iris of his eye. Of course, it’s a lot for anybody to digest, but I think he was starting to catch on. He’s a techie at heart, and I think the technical aspects of photography really interested him. Let’s see if this is something that he wants to continue to pursue. That would be neat. He took this picture of the dragonfly, too. I cropped it for him.


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