Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

Making friends with blur & noise.

I have been attempting to make friends with the ‘faults’ in my photos recently. I typically shoot stuff where everything is clean and clear, which I think has left some of my work kind of stale, devoid of a really emotional connection with the subject. Below are some attempts that I hope you’ll guys can give me feedback on. Although I kind of cheated by forcing myself to shoot in a place where I knew lighting would be horrendous.

I also tried to keep shutter speeds down to allow for motion to be shown instead of stopped.


Black and white seems to be much more forgiving with noise and blur, and allowing them to remain in the colour pictures was more difficult for me.


The above shot is probably the best example of trying to allow myself these imperfections. Her face out of focus and moving, the weird colours from the lights combined with the lowlight produces plenty of colour noise (and plenty of sensitivity noise too), but at the same time it reminds me completely of her singing her heart out.

What do you all think?

Bonus: below is probably my favourite shot of that night:

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