Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time
Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

Make A Wish

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Went out to shoot some Orionids and star trails and got mostly clouds. Boo.

The clouds were rolling through just along the shore, so the dark skies over the Gulf of Mexico were trashed. There were NO clouds behind me, but light pollution made it not ideal for even attempting to shoot.


Before I started the intervalometer, I happened to catch this one good meteor in my final test shot as I got everything framed and focused. A very bright moon was still maybe 25 degrees above the horizon, so it nicely lit the clouds barrier island across the water.

Once I started the camera, the clouds came in waves. I didn’t think I got any other meteors but I did make a time-lapse of the 111 shots. Only after making the video did I notice there is one meteor in those shots, though it is partially blocked by a friggin’ cloud. I’ll be going back to edit that one shot later tonight to see if I can make it work.


In the time-lapse, the sky goes from light to dark as the moon sets to the right of the frame. At some point, there is a bright light that washes out and flares up a few shots. That was the unnecessarily bright headlamp of a beachcomber dude. Don’t know what he was hunting for, but he was putting random things in a ziplock bag (like pencil-sized pieces of wood). He came over to where myself and two other stargazers were at just to be nosey, shinning his light right on us and my camera.

The Geminids can’t come soon enough. I’ve got big plans for that shower. 

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