Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

Madison, WI

Hola Photography!

These are just a lot of pictures from my recent trip to Madison. It's a mix of the capital, Lake Mendota, the UW-Madison Arboretum, Devil's Lake State Park, and the Olbricht Botanical Gardens. I ended up taking about 300 photos. 190 will be on Flickr, another 15-20 are portraits that will go on Facebok. Either way, I'm pretty happy with a 2/3 success rate.


Everything was shot with my Konica-AR 40mm f/1.8 or my Zeiss 135mm f/2.8. Editing was done in The GIMP using the Batch Image Manipulation plug-in. I used the auto color enhance, white balance, stretch HSV and sharpening plug-ins, though I find myself wishing I skipped the color enhance. It didn't make much of a difference on the well exposed photos, but certainly messed with some of the others.


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