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Looking to the Past with Grave Expectations

During the fall I took a little walk in a town I really like, just north of Chicago. This time I walked a bit further than normal and noticed a cemetery. I had photographed a cemetery since I lived in Savannah. And then it had been quite a few years.

So I kept it in the back of my mind, wanting to go back and shoot in this one. But winter set in and so did my funk. Not the good funk or the smelly funk. Finally, the other day the weather lightened up enough to make walking and such pleasurable again. Sadly it did start raining when I was only halfway through, so I had to pack it up and go, but not before I got some decent shots!


This was a nice place for photography, with the exception of the horrid amount of goose shit on the ground. But my favorite cemetery in Savannah, Bonaventure, just had something about it. Possibly the giant oak trees covered in moss. But I still want to get back to this one to finish it. There are a few more photos that I took that you can find here.

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