Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

Look what followed me home today!

Went to a flea market today in search of a record player or some automotive posters/signs to hang on my walls (well that was my main goal). Didn’t find a proper record player, but I ended up buying 2 film cameras instead!

They were both in the same booth, so I even got to negotiate a package deal. I ended up paying €17,50 for the pair, which is below their market value (as far as I can see)

Anyway, the cameras: a Konica C35EF, which was probably made in the late 70’s as it is the second iteration of the C35EF with the selftimer. Apparently this was one of Andy Warhol’s favourite cameras, for whatever that’s worth.


The other one is an AGFA Clack, which was made somewhere between 1956 and 1964. It’s a super simple box camera, no focus/shutter speed/zoom to worry about. Only things to set is which of the 3 lenses to use, and if you want to manually control the shutter or have it close automatically. Yes, you saw that right, 3 lenses. One for 1-3 m, one for 3-inf meter, and another one for 3-inf meter but for sunny conditions, as the lens is coloured yellow.

I plan on using the Konica as an additional film camera next to my Chinon CS, as it is easier to use. I might get a roll of 120 film just to try out the AGFA with, but likely it’ll just become a decorative piece after that.

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