Inspired by Mr. Orlove’s post, let’s have a GIF party!

Go take some photographs and turn them in to a GIF. No rules, just go have fun.

Try not to use one of those phone apps that takes a burst of photos and makes the GIF rIght there for you. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with those, but let’s not use them for this unless you have no other option. I just think with the amazing skills that everyone here has, we can make some beautiful, weird, and funny GIFs better than some app can. Now, that being said,  I’m not up on the hot apps for the kids these days. If there is a GIF making app where you import the pictures, set the order, and create a GIF from scratch, that’s fine. Does such an app exist?

It’s easy to do in Photoshop, just follow the directions.

Here’s a video on the process for you visual learners. But this guy pronounces “GIF” wrong, so I don’t know how much I trust him.


I made one a while back that came out pretty good, but I think I can do better.


If you don’t have Photoshop, there are several online interfaces that will put your photos together for you, just google “how to make a GIF”. I don’t know what other image editing software you all use besides Lightroom (which can’t make GIFs as far as I know), but please post links to any additional tutorials in the comments. Or post links to any good online GIF makers you may have used.

Let’s have a GIF party! Post your GIFs next Friday, January 27th. Make one. Make ten. Make one of a quick burst of photos. Do a time lapse that takes two days to shoot. Do cats. Do dogs. Do cats and dogs. Do whatever, just have fun.


Tag your post as “GIF Party”, that will be the only rule.