Hello everyone! I am very happy to see that we are getting a dedicated photography page on Kinja. I was very bummed when Gizmodo stopped doing their challenge. I won it once - with my favorite photo ever. I actually proposed to my wife right in front of this rock :)

I still remember taking my first photo. I was very young - around 5 years old. My dad took me to this forest in our small city in Bosnia, unclipped the leather case for his old, Soviet-built Zenit camera, and he gave it to me. He showed me how to spin the rings on the fixed 50mm manual lens to get the image in focus, how to pull on the lever to wind the film, and how to work the shutter. We were on top of a hill - it was fall and the ground was covered in yellow and read leaves. Trees still had some leaves on them - enough to make the scene fairly dark, but there was enough light peeking through the canopy to make for a fun play of light and shadow. I wish I still had that photo, but alas, it’s been long lost.

This, and sitting on the crossbar of my dad’s bicycle while he took me places are two memories from my early childhood that are still pretty vivid.

Fast forward a few decades, and we moved to the USA. I bought a few cameras, took some photos here and there, but I didn’t get back into photography until 2009/2010 or so, when I bought my Canon 50D. I started playing with it - shooting in RAW, editing in Lightroom, trying Macro, focus stacking, long exposure, learning about DOF, figuring out what my camera can do. I took some nice photos with it - nothing spectacular, but nice enough.

I bought more gear along the way - some L lenses, tripods, bags, ND filters, and late in 2014, I got my first full frame digital camera, Canon 6D.


I shot some occasions for friends, printed some of my photos on canvases, framed some photos and hung them on my wall. I consider myself a serious amateur, and I am always looking into opportunities to shoot more occasions that might pay for some of the gear. If you like any of my stuff, and know someone in Denver that needs inexpensive photographer with a ton of gear, shoot me a message :)


This photo was taken in Cabo San Lucas with my 50D and old 17-40L lens. I proposed to my wife at this very spot - right where the camera is positioned. We are going back there in 2 weeks, and I hope to take a few more photos there.


My MIL was boarding her horse at this facility, and we went there with her one time. While I was playing with her horse, these guys came up on me, and posed for a few seconds. They were very interested in what I was doing - or more than likely, just wanted to check if I had any horse candy in my pocket.


I walked through downtown Denver with my Nexus 6 and took some photos of interesting buildings, and edited them in Picasa. It is pretty amazing what can be done with a cellphone these days.

Feel free to let me know your opinions about my work - good or bad! looking forward to seeing your photos, and sharing some of mine.