Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

I’d post a bunch of new photos, but Chrome and Flash and Flickr are all arguing and just can’t get along. So feel free to skip the next two paragraphs of my rambling and look at a collection of older photos.

I’ve been feeling the want for autofocus lately, and I had such fun with a rented 16-35 a few months ago, that I was going to get a FE 55 and the 16-35. Of course I took this as the opportunity to dive into the realm of modern(-ish) lenses. Turns out updates to a 3rd party Contax G adapter enables near native AF sooooooooooooooo, I’m now the proud owner of a 90/2.8 and am looking to pick up a 45/2 soon. Adapter should arrive in the next week!

The goal was go smaller, lighter and with AF, while not giving up IQ, and I think I’ll accomplish that. Sadly, this means I’ll probably sell off some of my current stuff. So without further ado, pictures from the main lens that’s leaving.


Minolta 58/1.2


I really like this lens, but it’s way too heavy to hike with, and I rarely shoot it below f/2. It’s really great for portraits and the like (out of respect for friends, I’d rather not post them here), but a number of my shots with it can be found here.

I was going to post more, but Flickr’s just kind of a pain. I’m probably also going to sell my Minolta 35/2.8, my Konica 40/1.8, and likely the Zeiss 135/2.8. I think my wife is a little unhappy with the size of my collection, so it’ll have to shrink in the near future. If you’re interested in anything let me know, we can work something out.

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